Update – 15 December 2022

Progress with the regeneration of the site

Beltane and Angelo Gordon have implemented the first stage of a wide-ranging community involvement programme on their emerging proposals for an office-led regeneration of the Newcombe House site.

Various activities have taken place including:

  • An introductory presentation to a Residents’ Association Forum facilitated by the Council (June 2022);
  • Participation in a Development Forum (an open meeting of residents) facilitated by the Council (September 2022);
  • Workshops with Civic Groups and Residents Associations (October 2022);
  • The distribution of a community newsletter to an extensive catchment around the site (October 2022);
  • The launch of a dedicated website (October 2022);
  • The holding of a live presentation (webinar) of the emerging proposals (October 2022); and
  • The organisation of a two-day public exhibition (October 2022).

Significant feedback has been gathered from these activities and the Design Team working on the project has been carefully considering the key issues raised. Changes and refinements to the emerging proposals are currently under consideration.

The next stage of the community involvement programme will be to explain the responses made to the feedback to date and present revised proposals through a second stage of activities.

It is expected that the second stage will commence early in the New Year and this will be publicised locally in similar fashion to the first stage. The Council will also hold a second Development Forum.

Beltane and Angelo Gordon would like to thank the residents, businesses, civic groups and residents’ associations that have provided valuable input so far into the emerging proposals for Newcombe House and look forward to further engagement on the revised approach to this key regeneration site.

Existing planning permission

Beltane and Angelo Gordon will shortly take steps to discharge certain pre-commencement conditions associated with the existing permission at the site, which was granted in June 2020.

In summary, the extant planning permission, granted by the Secretary of State, allows for:

  • The demolition of all the buildings at the site;
  • The creation of six new buildings including a tower of up to 18 storeys on the corner of Notting Hill Gate and Kensington Church Street with the remaining buildings ranging in height from 3, 4, 5 and 7 storeys;
  • 55 new residential apartments;
  • Office and retail space;
  • Provision for a new health centre; and
  • A public square with level access from Notting Hill Gate.

Beltane and Angelo Gordon do not intend to build the permitted proposal and are currently engaged in a wide-ranging pre-application consultation programme on an entirely different commercial-led proposal with a completely different design approach.

When Beltane and Angelo Gordon acquired the site from its previous owners, the purchase price reflected the fact that it benefited from this valid planning permission. In line with normal practice, this expires three years from its issue.

The expiry of that permission would mean that the commercial value of the site would be adversely affected. Understandably, the owners wish to maintain the validity of the permission and the commercial value associated with it whilst they are bringing forward their own proposals.

The discharge of the pre-commencement conditions does not involve any physical works at the site and involve the provision of detailed information to the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea such as traffic management plans, construction management, a safety audit of a junction and methods to retain trees.

It is expected that steps to discharge some of the pre-commencement conditions with the Council will begin prior to the end of 2022, whilst others will be the subject of local consultation early in the New Year. Information on the consultation process will be provided to residents and businesses neighbouring the site and you can register for a webinar to be held on Thursday 12th January 2023 here.

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